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1750 Spider Veloce "Boattail"
This 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 is a late Series 1 boat-tail driver that has been with the US latest owner since 1987, and imported to Sweden in 2018. Power is from a 1,779cc twin-cam four paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and modifications include dual Weber carburetors.

The 5-digit odometer shows just over 11k miles and is believed by the former US-owner belives it to have rolled over once. The former US-owner has driven the car approximately 4,500 miles and states that they have minimal exterior or interior changes throughout his 30-year ownership.
The black convertible top shows its age in places but remains functional. The car is a summer-only driver.

A collection of spares includes the original wheels and SPICA injection parts mentioned above. Service records are described as minimal, and history is unknown prior to the seller’s purchase from a bank in 1987.
1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce "Boattail" (Red)


Power is from a 1,779cc twin-cam four. Induction is via dual side-draft Weber carburetors in place of the first-year factory SPICA fuel injection system. A new fuel tank and level sender were installed in July 2017, and the SPICA system is also included in the sale. A Marelli electronic ignition has replaced the factory points system. The 5-speed manual transmission shows typical second gear synchro issues according to the seller. Oil changes and fluid checks have reportedly been carried out on an annual basis, in September 2016 and march 2018.
Splits are shown in both red vinyl seats along with several cracks in the dash. A period AM/FM radio remains in place along with chrome-ringed Jaeger instruments.
The body was repainted prior to the former US-owner ownership in a hue similar to the factory Rosso, but not an exact match. The finish is said to present well from a distance with a variety of blemishes and touch-ups visible on close inspection. Overspray is pointed out under the hood and in the trunk. The car has reportedly not been in an accident during current ownership, and a magnet is said to adhere to all sheet metal tested by the seller.
Underbody photos detail the condition of the drivetrain, suspension and undercoated chassis components. Corrosion is noted at the front jack points, including rust-through on the passenger side, and fluid seepage is shown at the transmission and differential.
Blaupunkt Radio, "Frankfurt US 7639670", Blaupunkt Werke GMBH A1808400. Made in Germany
Wheel and Tire
Later-model factory Daytona-style 5-spoke wheels were mounted with new tires in 2014. All four stamped wheels are included along with three factory hub caps.

Five new vintage Pirelli Cinturato 165X14 on original rims, blasted and powder coated in original colour.


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