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Rosso Alfa AR 501
I arranged a three way trade with two other Abarth owner friends in about 1970 to begin my life-long journey with this car.
I drove it as my daily driver along with a lovely Touring bodied Alfa 2600 Spyder for a couple of years. If one wasn't running, the other one was.
I prior to that had a 750GT DoubleBubble. My friend Bill Stitt had a Simca Abarth 1300 dry sump, and Charles (Doug) Hendricks had this Monomille. With the exchange of my double bubble, some money and cars to different people, some recording studio speakers and some high end stereo equipment in a three way trade, we all walked away quite happy.

Sometime after that, I had a friend in the SF Abarth community (Norbert who had an identical Monomille (as well as a couple score more Abarths) who sold me an original 'spare' Monomille pushrod engine he had in his collection. I had that rebuilt long ago and have stored it. It will be mounted and run for the first time as the restoration moves forward.

This may be the newest and last Monomille examples of its type, as it has the highest serial number found to date.

Conrad Stevenson originally recommended me to Andrew Schank when he was too busy to work on my Monomille.
Andy very skillfully restored the bodywork and paint for me in his SF Bay Area shop in the East Bay as you can see in the thread on here.
2017 Abarth Monomille (Rosso Alfa AR 501)


An original Monomille pushrod engine, but not THE original one that came with this car.
Wheel and Tire
Beautiful original Campangolo special wheels.
Although they were pretty much undamaged original wheels, Andy did a fantastic job of making them look like new.



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