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TV6 with custom paint and interior Momo wheels and steering wheel
Veloce spider that was not run for 12 years
Veloce that was stored for 15 years before me
Body is in excellent conditioning fire damage on passenger side
A brief look at my time working with my first Alfa. Since Covid I haven’t been able to play pool anywhere and so this is my new hobby. It will also be my daily driver because I’m a glutton for punishment. It’s worth it
My mid-life crisis, um, I mean my Spider is finally in my garage.
My 1st Alfa, which I am sure will teach me many lessons as we share the winding roads of PA
original owner 1991 S4 Spider
Just purchased 1978 Spider and starting the journey.
A well preserved farewell to Alfa restoration
Upgrades: Power side mirrors, power windows, variable speed wipers and sound system.
1993 Alfa Romeo 164 L 5 speed stick
Alfa Romeo 164 L 5 speed stick must see !!!
2009-2010 restoration/ race car conversion
Brought in from Italy in the early 80's. Rust repair done there. Lived in California until I bought it in 2018. Has a 2 liter with hydraulic clutch converted correctly with 1969 pedal parts. Converting it back to a 1600 but keeping the hydraulic clutch system by using a 1750 flywheel...
Fresh from Italy 2019.
Rebuilt engine, trans, late model seats and a/c system out of a 84 spider