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Showcase cover image for 1974 Spider


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Nice! I really like how it sits. What springs are you running? Also, if those original offset wheels, what did you do to get such a great stance. Spacers?
I apologize for taking so long to answer your question. I spoke to the original owner and he told me that the springs and wheels have never been changed and there aren’t any spacers on the wheels. The tires are a bit oversized from the originals. The tires are 195s, and the originals tires were 165s. The front tires have a tendency to rub the fender wells a bit when the steering is at full lock. I do think that the oversize tires give the car a bit bigger-than-life stance by themselves. Thanks for the comment. P.S. The spare tire is a 165 because a 195 will not fit in the slot in the trunk.