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  • zagato^1600 ·
    hello again!
    in the meantime I could google some informations about the sicurvetro trading company:
    the office is (??) at allikatu13, 20100 turku finnland. antti wihanto parabrezza trading company.
    phone +358 40 551 9841. I tryed to phone but there is alway the box and I left a message
    but got no callback.
    Maybe some of members of finnlanf could help me to get contact to antti wihanto.
    why I want contact to antti: I was the one who lent him the original giulietta sz front windscreen
    as pattern to remanafacture the screen- and I want my front windscreen back- and I am afraind
    that the company went bankrupt and my screen is gone to nowhere.
    so best regarsds to all from austria
    Raton ·
    The Company is Marvic

    Vintage Cars | Marvic

    The contact is Silvia Framba:
    [email protected]

    Please tell them Matt Leavitt from Alfa9 referred you.

    And have a look at my website when you have time, thanks, Matt....... Alfa9 Supply

    Send me a pic of them on your car if you end up getting the wheels!

    cheers, Matt
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