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  • rjvadala ·
    Hi Willie R,

    I need some help putting my 1969 junior spider (1300) back together. I had documented with many photos what the engine bay looked like before disassembly. My computer was hacked all the photos were encrypted and couldn't open them. IT guys couldn't open them either.

    The U.S. 1969 engine bay and he 1966 duetto bay is different than mine. Would you have any photos of a 1969 1300 spider engine bay.

    Would greatly appreciate your help.

    Robert J Vadala--NJ,USA
    Jarkin ·
    Hi willie , I know that some time ago I came across a thread where you had restored your heater box , would you be able to send me that link at all ?
    Welcome, you're the one with the white Duetto in Greece, right? Good luck with the restoration and thanks for the kind comments.
    Yes, I am Mario from Greece, owner of this duetto.
    Thank you too.
    JudgeDamo ·
    Wille, I'm enjoying the banter on the forum! I decided to check out some of the photos on the duetto register and whilst there I attempted to look at my own entry which I sent to you in March 2010. My car doesn't appear any longer. 1470443 RHD 1969 1750
    NikosF ·
    Hey Willie - I've been registered with you for 6 years! (105.03.665179).

    Thanks for all your hard work on the register.

    Hi there, how about joining the Duettoregister woth your nice Duetto.

    Cordially Wille R.
    VA_Alfa ·
    Wille R.
    Thanks you for the invitation to the duetto register. I have visited many times even before purchasing my 69 spider. I actually attempted several times to register my vehicle but have not seen appear on the list. The VIN is 105.62 AR1481096. Any advice on how to get it registered would be helpful. You can email to me at [email protected]
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