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  • alfaseeka ·
    Hi Vin

    Hope all's well there in sunny Melbourne.

    I thought you might be interested in the post in the Giulietta forum, regarding flow benches etc, by a Don Martin who is Swedish. He's building a FIA Appendix K engine and seems to know his stuff.
    It's at
    My Sprint's still in pieces, too busy with other stuff to do anything on it at the moment.
    Geoff Cotton
    BigD ·
    Hi Vin,

    we have met a few times, just wondered if I could pick your brains a little. I have a 2 litre nord motor that has the original 10548 cams. It was rebuilt many years ago by Luigi Amori and had a lovely torque curve, coming on around 2300 and going through to 4500ish. I assumed that this was the main characteristic of those cams but after head gasket replacement and setting the valve timing back to standard (didn't check position before disassembly) I now have decent power but a real flat torque curve. I can only assume this is due to valve timing as nothing else has changed.

    I did speak to original builder but was not very helpful. (retired now). I wonder if this rings any bells with you given your vast experience? I appreciate any ideas or suggestions although I do know you have your hands full these days so completely understand if you are unable to help.

    Thanks either way, Dave.
    spydaman ·
    Hi mate I believe you do a Nissan dizzy for the alfa T/S . Do you still make modify these and if so I would like to purchase one.
    I'm looking at putting a T/S into a spider ( standard with 40 mill Webbers ) My name is John and you can reach me on 0409480331 (spydaman)
    vroom ·
    Hi Vin,
    It feels like it's been ten years that e been planning to visit!

    However it gettingcloseive a terrible run with bad health but I'm hoping to visit you in the next month or so..

    I hope you're well and look forward to the catch up.

    Best regards, John
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