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  • cstlhn ·
    Thank you, We are building two, possibly three GTAM replicas for historic racing. I will discuss the parts with my clients.

    voletto ·
    twin plug head 7000 euros
    1600 distributor 2000 euros
    deep sump 5 fins 2000 euros
    13x9 wheels im magnesium silver ones - 1200 each
    water radiator 1500 euros
    oil caoacity oil pump with pick up 1200 euros
    cstlhn ·
    I am interested in;
    Twin plug head
    1600 Distributor
    Deep sump
    13 x 9 Wheels
    High capacity oil pump

    Regards, David Castelhano
    gtacorse1600 ·
    Hello sir, I restore a 1600 gta and I live(lie) in France!
    Here is I look for a breech, for a pump with oil a radiator of oil etc....
    What is the price of the parts, which you sell and have you photos of all this?
    Very cordially!
    voletto ·
    hello. In here is a big mistake
    I answered your email. front grill new ( MEAN NEW ) 250 euros
    pilar windscreen tops . each pair 50 euros. they are new
    the bumper once again. THEY ARE USED
    i send you thios message last week
    merry christmans
    alfa veloce ·
    Sorry, that I have asked questions that you did not want to answer.
    I assume I just had to purchase it without knowing what I'm geting...

    Instead of replying to my questions you are complaining about trubles you had with making pictures. I see that you have others that are interested in your parts, maybe they will not be so complicated as me.

    I don't know how I was unpolite?? You did not replied on my email. After that you wirite something like this???
    Try to read email - you would see that I have wrote "...thank you very much on your pictures. You have very nice web page and workshop..." - that was my last mail sent on 09. Dez.

    Not answering on email and attacking me this way is least to say - rude.

    I never said I wont purchase - I just never received any reply. (I have commented what I have seen on pictures, you should have confirm or deny it.) Im still interested in your parts, but with such attitude I doubt we can make a deal.

    Merry Christmas!
    AlfaSZ ·

    What one of the three headlights do you have and are they right and left handed? Are they clear or yellow? What are you looking for for them?

    voletto ·
    hello Dave
    the radiator I sell for 1100 euros. Is original and is in good condition.
    it was all checked.
    for the shipping will have to ask the post and UPS
    if you intereseted on the radiator
    Dave Anderson ·
    Would you tell me how much it will cost me to purchase the GTA radiator, when you are ready to sell it? Do you know how much shipping is to the USA? I live in Florida (post code 32304).
    You have many interesting GTA parts, that I will ask about later.
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