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  • 930cabman ·

    I read your thread documenting the rebuild of your 2. liter spider engine a few years ago and thank you for taking the time for this. Myself and I bet many others have been helped.
    Question: As I recall when installing the head gasket a thin layer of gray RTV sealant was applied to the block and head sealing surfaces. If you were rebuilding today would you use the same procedure? We have a similar 2 liter and hoping to get by with a change in cylinder heads only, leaving the long block intact.

    thanks again and yes this is a sad time with Jim's passing
    long john ·
    Hi Vintre
    Saw your post on shim calculator and I am impressed. I am having problems with erratic idling and found that the valve clearance is way off since I had then exhaust valves replaced with an engine rebuild. I decided to replace the valve shims with new ones so I removed all the shims and checked the clearance then input them on shim calculator. what I need to know is on the second Colum for shims[mm] it has 1.3000[mm] do I have to change this figure. Also for exhaust it reads 1.4000[mm] are these figures correct.
    Thanks John
    blkzoe ·
    Saw your 2011 post/pics on replacing the forward crank seal using the nut/washer/and wood to push the new seal in in a uniform fashion. Frikin' genius. I'll be doing mine this week.

    Any other suggestions on this R&R?

    Any preferred seals or ones to avoid?


    Franco ·
    Hello Vince, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Franco. I'm pretty new to my way around this BB, any BB. I read your post and I like the way you can add text on the top of a picture, it presents well. Could you send me a quick reply on how to do that. Thanks
    johndewaele ·
    Hello, John DeWaele here with 74 Spider. I used your suspension post to disassemble my front end. I am close to assembly and had a question on the lower wishbone. Are the two arms interchangable? And, on the rear piece that the arms connect to; is there a way to determine (without installing), the top side that bolts to the car? I did mark everything I took off the car but did not mark these parts. Thanks for the post; it is greatly appreciated.

    bianchi1 ·
    just a thought,, if the stock studs are in only part of the way, the oil will pool behind them, adding to your leak. my way.. no room for a pool of oil behind those pesky studs.
    Zep ·
    Hi. It's Deni Bellai from Waterdown. I pretty sure we met before at the church.

    Anyway, I just got myself a '91 Spider. I was looking for a picture showing the cam positions and saw your's. That's perfect. I just posted a request for that. Thanks

    See you around town.

    I am just replacing the head gasket and had a little
    Elio Comello ·
    Hi Compare Vincenzo, Buon Anno!
    You got good advice, but I would NOT open up the cam sprockets. Just put the cams back onto the chain to where they were. Make sure the cam bearings go back in right place. Oil the cams real well before tightening.
    If you want to chat....519 542 7699 Elio
    papajam ·
    Hi Vince,
    It would take me far less time to explain the assembly procedure over the phone than type it out. I'll send you a private message with my phone number.
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