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  • Disnyguy ·
    I’m not sure if you found out about the relays on the side of the car. If it is like my 88s3 those relays control the ac fan one is used to turn it on when you use the ac and the other one is used to start the ac fan if the temp sensor on the edge of the fan shroud still works. I installed a after market temp sensor and tied it into that wiring. Now it runs after the car is shut off and helps cool the motor off ( which is needed here in Florida)
    velocedoc ·
    Dale, Happy New year!
    The proper paint code is Grigio Grafite...Graphite Gray. AR 705. If you have something else I would love to see it. Giigio Mare cloud gray) is more of a grey with leanings toward white. Only one car I know of in that color belongs to Keith Martin. There is no known color formula for this. Bill Gillham had to get a spectral analysis and hand tint to the original when the car was recently restored.
    Terry Rushbrook has Duco Stickers and can put the correct code on it. I believe he was the one making stickers. Might want to check with him. If you need a direct email, his brother lives out here in Prescott AZ.
    I don't envy you right now with the snow and ice with biting cold.
    You can email me direct at [email protected]

    I will see if I can get a source code for you for Duco.
    Check out the paint code page...ALFA ROMEO PAINT CODES
    Dale Whitney ·
    Hi Chris,
    Merry Christmas to you. I am in the final stages of a restoration of my '65 Veloce. Pretty much down to the details. I'm trying to make a Duco sticker for her. I can make out some of the old one..... I'm 90 percent sure the color is Grigio Alba - a real surprise as I always thought it was Grigio Mare. but when I start playing in Photoshop with what is left of the old one I'm sure it's Grigio plus another 4 letter word that begins with an A. The number is 95 - C - ????. The Alfa code is 701. I've seen a Lambretta from the early 60's painted this color as well as a 1960 Berlina and they are a match - at least on the computer screen. Plus the documentation I've found for AR 701 says it was used through the late '60's. Do you have any idea what the Duco code is for Grigio Alba? Or who might know?
    Thanks for any help you can give me. Hope we cross paths in the future.
    Dale Whitney
    velocedoc ·
    Sorry, I don't have any cars for sale now. There is a 1994 164Q for sale on the BB here. one of the original 35. Great price! If I had the money I would be driving it home.
    rj7630 ·
    If you still have car let me know, I would be interested. Isold by last 164 a couple of years ago and said I said I was done with them, but I just love these cars drive. Even my wife likes them and she isn't a car person at all.
    Let me know
    rkirkpatrick ·
    I'm actually out of the country currently. I get back midday Monday, so I can give you a call then and see if it is still available.
    Alfaboutvegas ·
    I'm back!
    thanks for your help with what to do about the password, you're great!
    and thanks for the wire feed, couldn't of done it with out you, I hope you know that!
    JimmyCS ·
    HI Chris, I responded to your PM but for whatever reasons, it does not show up in my sent inbox; therefore I am not certain it went thru. Thus, I am repeating here again.

    Yes, that is a 1958 Abarth 750GT Zagato Double Bubble that I bought from Australia, which came from the US before that.

    w/ smiles
    papajam ·
    Hi Christopher,

    Please PM me your email address and I'll send you the electrical section from the 1991 workshop manual.

    Alfaboutvegas ·
    10-4, I grew up in Az & know the state well!
    Wife has deposition in Phx on Friday, so it'll probably be on the way back,
    see you then & I will notify you in advance
    Alfaboutvegas ·
    hey Doc,
    I've found out I'll be going thru PV this weekend. Either the 7th or back to L V on the 9th or 10th
    I'll text you for sure day, want to stop by say hello
    Alfaboutvegas ·
    Hi Christopher,
    This is Greg in Vegas. I thought of something else I could use off you parts car when you get it. My upper windshield trim, on the inside, is cracked in 3 places from the mounting screws being tightened to tight. If yours has one that is at least one piece or 2 (separated @ the rear view mirror) pieces, I can repair that. Keep me in mind on that itewm as well as the carb filters.
    Thanks Doc,
    jckevin ·
    Hi - are you still keeping track of Q owners? On Saturday I will be taking delivery on mine in the Seattle area. I would be curious to know if you could give me some history on the car using its VIN. - Kevin
    rz133 ·
    Yes Christopher, my Giulia ss and giulietta ss (358) are registered.
    The light should be exactly the same with yellow glass
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