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  • kengta ·
    Hi Fran couldn't find GTA trumpet ad. Are they real GTA type or after market. If real I am interested.


    vsharp ·
    Hi there,
    Made up manifolds of this type were not uncommon where people can't tune or have issues with the F.I. The rally 116s with narrow heads ran carbs.
    I was actually considering making one up for 1531068 for initial engine start-up & bedding in, then consider the issues I have with totally unknown Lucas F.I. after that. That way it would test any potential issues with the engine without the F.I. potentially causing more unknowns.
    Contact me if you wish to discuss what you may value it at.
    Vince. [email protected]
    BostonBertone ·
    Hi, Saw he hinges. A little rough but I would plan to clean them up and paint to match anyhow.

    Local is good. What would you like for them?

    I am in Medford MA
    Little Italian ·
    I need some front poly bushing for my GTV Trailing arms. The one that mount to the frame of the car. Pretty sure those are the 50 mm bushings. How much would you charge for your set?

    Bud Feigel
    Lexington, Ky.

    [email protected]
    Larietta ·
    Fran, thank you for your inquiry. I have an offer of $49k for the car and parts. If you are interested, I have pictures and descriptions of what I have. I'm going to be traveling for the rest of the day and can send the information later this evening.

    Larry Panetta
    404 353-8221
    papajam ·
    Hi Fran,

    Unfortunately, I do not have any 4C information. Perhaps a local dealer may be able to offer some guidance?
    bayalfagtv6 ·
    I'm going to do the paypal payment now. Please PM me when you receive it. My mailing address is
    William Hurley
    1540 Cypress Ave.
    Richmond, CA 94805.

    TPrzak ·

    Are you OK?

    I'm hoping that you got the (paypal) payment for the Headlight Covers you listed in the Alfa BB.

    I was hoping that you'd send me a message that you'd gotten the payment, that the covers had been sent, or something!

    Will you please let me know that we're on track and that you're OK?

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