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  • AlfistiSA ·
    Gutentag Ulrich
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    Very difficult to say....depends on many fact....compression ratio, freway of Valves etc...11400 on inlet and 109296 outlet...would be a start....
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    Vielen Dank, Ken
    Lastforry ·
    Gutenmorgen Ulrich - just read some posts from you regarding C&B cams. I am currently building a 1750 engine with Venolia 80.8mm pistons, reworked crank, special conrods etc. Headwork done by a Dutch engine builder. I have 2 sets of C&B: 109.296C and 114.300C and wondering whether these are the right ones to use. I have a GTA gearbox (2.54 1st gear) and 9/41 LSD and like to use the car for rallies and trackdays. Induction is 45DCOE14 and GTA airbox.

    What cams would you recommend or do you think one of the C&B sets will do the job. I've read you have a German manufacturer which you were very happy with? Newer design? I want a racy engine but needs to work on the street as well.

    Vielen Dank, Ken
    South Africa ·
    Hello Ulrich,

    How are you?
    We have spoken before about GTA/GTAm parts.
    I have listed some GTA/GTAm distributors for potential sale in the for sale section of this BB.
    Could you kindly look at these listings and comment?
    Any comments would be welcome.


    Lilian ·
    Hi i won Alfetta upper frontpanel.. How can I pay for it? and what it will cost delivery I have address in England, Germany and Bulgaria? where it will be well for you to ship it? Thanks!
    monzeglio ·
    i need your email to send you some photos of the GTAm flares ready. tryed to send to the contact on your website but it wasnt sended.

    SteveOrlando ·
    I'm researching a "Greppi" Ferrari 196s. Do you know anything about these brothers that recreated bodies?
    dannan 73 ·
    Hello ulrich could you please help me .i need to know if the hight of the gta1300 engine block is the same as 1600 from center of main bearing to face where the cylinderhead is mounted.would help a lot if you could measure in mm.regards Daniel
    PAUGNUT1275 ·
    I can see why it wouldn't fit. It's a RHD master and the pedal box is for LHD. I'm slowly restoring AR752573 with Roman Tucker. If I have to change over to dual circuit brakes for USA historic racing, I'll need that style. I'll talk to Roman and see if I'm going to need it.
    Keith Goring
    Dave Anderson ·

    Do you have a set of GTAm brake brackets I can buy or know where I can get an original set? GTAm brake rotors would be good too but I can make custom hats with US made rotors. I will take your advice about not cutting any of the uprights.
    Thanks, Dave
    [email protected]
    South Africa ·
    Hello Ulrich,

    I have an incomplete rear axle. What do you want for all the items excluding the differential?

    Do you have a photograph of the differential? Mine is also incomplete. How much would you want?
    South Africa ·
    Hello Ulrich,

    I have noticed that you have sold some GTA/GTAm items on the forum.

    I have posted some photographs for assistance to other GTA/GTAm owners.

    I was fortunate enough to obtain some original GTA/GTAm 'stuff' when Alfa Romeo South Africa withdrew its business and racing activities in that country.

    Two of the items I am missing are the two brake caliper brackets for the front suspension. Mine have been modified to take 260mm ALFETTA competition rotors and calipers. I know where to get reproduction items but would prefer the original.

    Do you know where/from whom I can purchase these two items?

    Hope you can help.


    Rodrick22gtv ·
    Guten abend Ulrich,

    Ich habe gesehen das Sie auch gta/gtam motoren selber aufbauen.

    Nun bin ich selber mein 2 liter motor neu an es aufbauen. Weil ich ein kolben schade/feler hatte (86 mm Cosworth smiede kolben), habe ich jetz ein neue satz kolben bekommen (auch wieder von Cosworth), aber der montage is viel schwieriger, weil die laufbuschen gebehort und geplant sind ist die einsatz rand an die unter seite von der laufbusch weg.

    Wie kan ich jetz die kolben ohne schade und kolbenringe schade montieren?
    Haben Sie vielleicht einige tips?

    Vielen dank,


    Rodrick Rutten (aus Heerlen, Niederlande)
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