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  • Roger C ·
    Ruedi, Thanks for your offer to help. I try to run the car for several miles (10+) every day, also took two longer trips this past weekend, a 200 mile and a 100+ mile trip. It now starts and runs very well. In the recent past, when it would 'lug' or act like all 4 cylinders were not working, I was able to correct the problem by cleaning the soot from the plugs. The soot had not burned off when I checked (and cleaned) the plugs right after the 200 mile road trip.
    Yes, please do send any info that might help me solve this problem.
    Roger. [email protected]
    pdxcam ·
    Hi, Have begun a 2600SZ project down here in Portland. I found that the windows in the doors have been replaced with flat glass so, of course, they won't go up & down. I found a place to get some new ones made where the set-up fee is $1,000
    and each window is $250. Do you have any ideas better that that?
    Cameron ( [email protected])
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