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  • Jethro Bronner ·
    H iTom

    Thank for taking the time to watch my videos. The 64 was a bit of a shock, but I'm confident I'll have it back in shape soon. I think replacing the panels entirely will be the way forward or me, I don't have the skills to recreate some of those shapes, and I haven't found anyone locally who can do it either.

    That 64 is a very special car to me and I will only be happy doing it 100% right, as that is my car for life.
    parthmer80877 ·
    I have a set of original door cards from my 1961 Giulietta SS # 389. I had new new ones made when the interior was restored the originals had holes cut for speakers. I can send photos this afternoon if would like.
    If you could give me your email. I have a difficulties sending photos on the BB. Bill P
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