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  • Powderman ·
    I don't know if you have heard by now but on Apr.7 Ross had a massive heart attack and passed away. Were you a friend or just associated through Alfa parts? Do you know if he was a member here and what his user name was?
    Chris D ·
    Tom - I think your the guy I've been trying to catch up with for the last year related to the Duetto parts - got your name from another Syracuse member that I bought some wheels from last year after the Toronto National event. _ He had a Mustard GTV and a Spider.

    Need to hook up eventually - your place or mine. Currently have a 60 Giulietta racer and a 65 racer I'm building. Usually a couple or customer GTV's that I prep around too. Currently have a 58 Speedster that I'm just finishing the motor on and need to get it ready for the Glen SVRA event in Sept. And a couple of engine builds - just finished to GTV 6's and have a 1600 underway.

    Interested in your engines as well as some of the other goodies you have as you "consolidate".

    Little short on $ with racing season in full swing - tires and resent crash damage...

    I pass through Syr. occasionally. What area are you located in?

    Chris 585 330 5456
    fransinge ·
    Hi Tom,

    everything ok with you and Diane ?
    I was wondering if there are any annual alfa meetings in your neighbourhood that we could attent together if we come to the states again, would be a lot of fun ;-)

    Hope to hear you soon,

    Frans & Ingrid
    fransinge ·
    Hi Tom, wondered if I would eventually find you here, there's no such thing as searching on member name here.
    Great BB, lots of knowledge, also a lot of returning questions like on every other forum I visited :)
    Hope to speak to you soon, say hi to Diane for us,

    greetz, Frans and Ingrid
    AlfaRafa ·
    Hi there,
    I'm on the look out for a new air vent, passenger side, for my 69 spider. The plastic knob on the end of the little arm is missing - i was hoping to find a new unit.

    Powderman ·
    I was able to get that info after messageing you from telling Ross I had received them. He failed to mention to me that I would be receiving any parts from you, so it was a surprise to get the package without any info enclosed. They have been powdercoated and sent off to him. Keep me in mind if there is anything you need coated or any of your other members.
    Marc Gallichotte
    Powderman ·
    I am Marc Gallichotte @ Creative Candy Powder Coating. I believe I received a box of headlight buckets from you. I dont remember speaking or corresponding in any way with you and there was no note with the parts on what to do to them. I had to do a google search just to find you here. Please contact me and advise what to do to these parts.
    Anfanuts ·
    Tom, I have my OE Klippan clamshell style belts though not on the car. I replaced the OE belts with 3-point inertial reel belts. I do not need any beltts. I recall a post on the BB with someone looking for the latch belts. Thanks for thinking of me. Bruce
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