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  • ChiapC ·
    Wow, that's pretty pricey. I'm a bit surprised by that. I think $6k is reasonable for paint. I hope my paint isn't gonna run $15k. I'd lose my sh**. We talked about 15-20k for my car to be done completely. I know it will likely be more than that, but I know it's going to be a perfect car when done.

    Maybe he was thinking yours may need massive body work for some reason. I have no idea. I'd double check with him. That just doesn't sound right. I don't get these "visitor messages" often, hence the delay. You're welcome to e-mail me at [email protected] for a faster response!

    ChiapC ·
    Hi Todd,
    They've been awesome about the pricing situation. We never really discussed a "price". Daron is all about the owners being involved with the process and getting exactly what they want. You can likely make it as expensive or as cost saving as you want it. It's all based on the necessity of the car. Their hourly is like $65/hr which is extremely reasonable for a shop like theirs.

    They also created a photo stream when the car got up there that goes straight to my iPhone as soon as they add photos. They welcome any and all input as pictures are loaded.

    Super impressed so far. Although the car is just going through disassembly. Sorry I can't give you a fixed number, but there isn't one so far!

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