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  • Chi Si Dici ·
    Well, unfortunately the buying and selling idea is a joke for many. Unfortunately, most of the stupidity comes from seasoned BB members. They seem to have an opinion about every item sold. Last year I sold my practically perfect '67 Super and when I posted, I had this moron send me personal messages explaining why I should lower the price of MY car. He had no interest in buying, yet he was offended that I was asking $20K too much. Regardless, I sold my car for full price because reasonably people understand the time and money it takes to complete a matter how silly they believe it is. Best thing to do is speak up, people are tired of the same BS.
    fgsavoia ·
    Hello Todd,

    sorry for the late answer but, strangely, I didn't have any email notifications of new private messages.
    Back on topic, I live in Milano and, as you might understand, I can't go to Pistoia to see the car. Unfortunately I don't know anyone in that area as well.
    However, if I could help you (calling the seller and asking what you need to know) just ask, I did it for other friends out of Italy. I could also inspect any car in my area, if you find one which you like.
    BTW, buying these cars in Italy is the best choice: Alfa Romeo here is such a religion for many, and even the worst car has at least well cared during its life.

    Who's the dealer you were referring to?
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