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  • UndecidedRacer ·
    Hi Steve - watching your build, hope you are enjoying it. I got a blue GTV 2000 about 2 years ago off of BaT and have been upgrading everything (just short of a body restoration) with track parts. I think at this point, its a driving Alfaholics catalog. Anyway, I live down in Menlo Park, work in Palo Alto... happy to help with any challenges your run into, recommendations, or getting the cars together.

    JJr ·
    Thx Steve,

    I assume you found Zucchi via the internet or some other form? If not, was it through recommendation?

    The tough to find 'C" chrome pieces are right and left and a inner piece as well, in case you don't have one or didn't know.

    veloce430 ·
    Steve, so I have the driver's side rocker, a wiper linkage assy and 8 of the Allen screw bolts for hinges. I also have quite a few of the earlier Phillips head screws that were used on earlier 105 cars. Actually not sure that the '69s didn't use the Phillips screws for the door hinges because some of my screws are maroon as removed from a '74. I can box them up and get them off as soon as payment rec'd. No charge for the wiper linkage or screws.

    Stu PayPal [email protected]
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