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  • Anth73 ·
    Hi Mate,

    Hoping to tap into the wisdom of Aussie Alfa enthusiasts on the AlfaBB. Pulled the carpets up on my 2000 GTV on the long weekend and was greted with the pics in this post.

    The two coloured flor pan has me really worried, Le Mans Blue for the front half, Alfa Red for the back half that also extends to the rear bulkhear, parcel shalf and remnants on the boot floor. Is this a calssic "cut and shunt"? Hoping a few experienced AlfaBB users who know their way around 105's might be able to offer some guidance.

    What pi$$es me off is the Alfa "specialist" I got to inspect the car for me in Adelaide wasn't alarmed with the red paint visible in the spots where the Le Mans blue had flaked off over the rear half of the car. He thought the car was originally red and was resprayed at some point.

    Craig_m67 ·
    Hej :)
    Craig here, I think we've met once or twice at the Brisbane AROCA. Maybe not, I'm a rarely there. Was wondering about your GTJuinor TS conversions. How is it setup? Original Injection and dizzies or carbs and aftermarket ignition ? I have a spare TS that I'm considering putting in mine as the 1600 is just a wee bit too slow :)
    hugomac ·
    Hey mate,

    Looking at building a TS for my stepnose. i'm in melbourne so thought you might have some insight.
    Where and what should you pay for a TS used? also ive heard that only some have the correct indent in the Crank to fit 105 gearbox.
    Did you modifiy yours much as in Pistons, rods, cams etc?
    Wa it hard to fit webers? was it hard to remove engine MGMT system and fuel injection?
    Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
    0439 320285
    douge ·
    Hi spydaman i am ok the spider is sitting quietly in the garage, all most finished the wiring i have relocated the battery in the boot and spent yesterday fixing the trans mount, i still need to sort out the heater and wiper motor wiring i don't have any at the moment! need to get some seats to, but all said i am close to starting the motor soon i will let you know how i go, lets hope it dose not go KA BOOM!!!
    douge ·
    man iam flat out on the car! trying to fit a painless wiring system what a pain! i had almost noting left of this car, have spent the last year looking for parts, god bless ebay and my good friend paypal! any way keep in touch and good luck.
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