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  • Anto9931 ·
    Hello, I noticed you might be selling Juliet? Is she back together? Last posting on her resurrection shows the rear quarter welded in.

    akitaman ·
    I know the area well. I lived there. John Norman has alfa experts that do this stuff in Berkley. Contact him. Good luck on the build!
    arese115 ·
    Hi: Would you please send me some details about these 2 cars and parts. I am in So. Cal and need abunch of parts for the GTV. If the cars are not rusty, I always would like to get them to restore.
    Please PM to: [email protected]

    Alfisto Steve ·
    You don't need a spring compressor to change lower control arms as struts are self-contained. Just remove whole strut assemble intact from car by removing four 17 mm hex bolts from bottom of strut and three 13mm nuts under rubber covers located on top of fender wells in engine bay.

    Lower ball joints have three 13mm bolts and nuts holding them to lower suspension arms

    Arms have sway bar lollipops attached to them (17mm nuts)and two long 17mm bolts/nuts through subframe for front bushing mount and two 10mm bolts and four 17mm
    bolts holding rear bushings and support plates to sub frame.

    You shold do one side at a time AND support that side rear of subframe with a stand as subframe can/will drop when you take rear bolts out.

    Now if you are going to replace any parts of strut assy such as bump stops, boots, lower bearing, spring or perch YES then you do need spring compressor(3). I use 4 individual one per strut.
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