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  • papajam ·
    Hi Pete,

    I just learned that a visitor message length has a 1000 character limit. No way to properly answer your question here. If you'd care to chat, please send me a private message with your number and I'llgive you a call.

    papajam ·
    No, I haven't seen this mod but it would be easy enough to draw one. I would fuse each circuit individually. What model/year?

    Gordon Raymond ·
    Hi Pete, are you JUST a BB visitor? What's that? Please contact me directly if you wish at <[email protected]> or even by phone, 847-446-0168.
    It seems you have done the obvious, swapping out starters and trying the 2L shoulder bolts.
    Here are more possibilities. Your '69 Berlinia (a very neat car BTW, ) with it's 1750, could have been one of two possible variations as built. Manual clutch, using the "small" 1750 flywheel and F&S clutch, or hydraulic, using the diaphragm clutch with the larger diameter "large" flywheel. ONLY the friction surface in the flywheel is small or large. However, there were different flavors of "large" with different numbers of teeth on the ring gears, when you get to the 2L. Moreover, the 1750 hydraulic bellhousing is different from the 2L that uses the odd shoulder bolt in the starter. It may be you have a 1750 hydraulic bellhousing bolted to a 2L block. The starter for the 2L flywheel, will properly engage with a 2L flywheel, but not with the 1750 bellhousing. We assume you have a real 2L flywheel with the correct number of teeth for the 9 tooth starter spruell drive.
    Here are some checks. Pull the starter (again). Mark the ring-gear with a magic marker, pull the plugs, and turn the engine over with a socket on the crank pulley nut, or pry it around with a screwdriver, counting each and every tooth. You may have to use a mirror to make it even more difficult. Tooth count completed, PHONE Dean Russell at Trail Auto. (313) 561-3327. <[email protected]>. Tell dean I sent you, to possibly spend money. Ask if your starter (have the # ready) and the tooth count ring gear are a match. Ask him if the 1750 bellhousing you HAVE (casting numbers) is THE SAME AS THE 2L. Here is my thought. You may need to use a 1750 starter in the 1750 bellhousing. (a three bolt starter with NO special shoulder bolt) but you may have to R&R the 2L ring-gear and replace it with a 1750 ring gear. DEAN WILL KNOW. (IF he won't tell you, or claims NOT to know, tell him you won't be able to spend money on a ring-gear or 2L bellhousing from him.) Dean is a nice honest guy, who will have, or be able to locate, exactly what you need to make this work properly. It may involve a transmission pull, but that's not too bad. Make Terry come help.
    E-Mail or call to let me know if this helps. I have other (more sinister) thoughts as well.
    Best, Gordon:D
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