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  • LS jr. ·
    Hi Same - just saw your 'visitor' message to me. Where'd this guy post the comment (pasted below)? I don't see it in my for sale thread. Odd - maybe got removed?
    Have had some activity but in no rush. Love the car each time I take it out (rarely any more).

    "I owned a 91S and a 95 LS just like this one.

    Nice cars but A LOT of maintenance and fixing required. Had a pretty heft stack of service records on both.

    Parts have become increasingly difficult to source. The 95’s have several USA only components that are essentially unobtanium. Even critical items like some of the tensioner components for the complex timing belt are essentially NLA. There is actually much better parts availability for the older 12v’s.

    I had my 91 for many years but only held on to my mint 95 for about a year. Time has passed these by and there are many other options for the $$$. Just remember, the purchase price is only where you begin to spend money on these."
    sjmst ·
    Hi Chris: Thanks! They are Ronal R 39. 17" x 8".
    They have proper for the 164 5 x 98 bolt pattern. They need only 5 mm spacers in the rear to fit the 164. Hubcentric rings are a good idea too. Actually, as much as I like them, I just bought yet another set to put on my 164 (I am a wheel "nut" and keep changing them!). Jason from Alfissimo sold them to me. They have been discontinued, but he may still have a set. I see you are in Australia, but I willl probably be selling these soon, FYI. The front wheels have some small imperfections (scuffs), but I would let them go for a good price. Would of course include spacers / hubrings.
    mmamia ·
    Hi There,

    Love the multi-spokes on your black 164. I just purchased one on the weekend and am very impressed (despite getting a speeding fine last night!) just a magic car (and my third alfa). Wondering what model the wheels are off and perhaps the product code, yours is the best one I've seen and I'd like to get the same new shoes for my black stallion.


    Chris. Melbourne, Australia
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