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  • deepblue ·
    Or I did see Todd’s beautiful 69 Berlina. A little expensive for me at the moment but such a beautiful car.
    Do you know this one?
    deepblue ·
    Hi Bill, Don Johnson here. I was going to say 🤫 on that one on eBay! I did put that last bid in. Years ago I had a 67 Bolino de Oro that I bought for $600 and then refreshed everything. Drove it for over 100,000. Really loved that car. I have had several Alfa’s over the years. We will see if this works out. I was thinking of doing a TI Super inspired fast road fun car. I had an opportunity to buy a real one back in the 70s for $5500 and walked away from it... oops! Anyway I like some of 5e details of the TI dash and trim etc. the mechanical doesn’t scare me but a little concerned about the rust. The plan would be to strip it and dip it do the body work and paint back to original color. Looks like Medium Blue? So.. if you have a moment, tell me what you see. Definitely a big project, sagging doors, rust etc. not undoable just need some love and $$

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