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  • lagunatich ·
    Hi Stephen -
    Re: Simca 8 Sport stuff . . .
    Have you tried James Peacock or Jeff McKay for parts? I think they have parts cars.
    Did you buy Greg Haskin's cars?
    For the HL buckets, I've used Triumph TR3 parts sourced from Moss for other French cars with good results.
    ENPI is your best source for French rubber, though not sure what 8 parts they carry.
    I have a wiring diagram if needed.
    I run a really original 51 cabrio, shown in earlier threads in this forum.
    Laguna Beach, CA
    elsonite ·
    Stephen, I have not found that reproduction I told you about. I'd avoid Matt Jones. Great guy but frequently the parts are close but not right. And always expensive. D
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