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  • VintageRob ·
    Hey Jeff!

    Just wanted to say hello.... :)

    I just finished a new head rebuild/install on my Allfetta. It's running great!

    What's new with you?

    VintageRob ·
    I'm doing well... Very busy at work. I know what you mean about the Alfa stress... I'm doing the driveline rebuild right now and it's 1 step forward and 2 back!! Good thing I like working on old blue.

    I still have the carb setup if you decide you're interested.... so just let me know.
    sfalfa ·
    Hi Rob - wow - you must be psychic - I was just thinking about you this morning! Been kinda stressed, the Alfa has been one issue after another, and was thinking about your dell'orto's :) Not really wanting to go that route, but wondering if I should.
    How're things with you?
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