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  • shures ·
    Hello Sam,

    I am using a spindle on my GTV-6 that is not drilled for a cotter pin. I found an old post where you said you have several of the Mercedes nuts and some washers. Would you sell me a set of two nuts and possibly 3 washers (one of my washers is missing, I have kids that use my work area).

    Scott Shure
    Ellicott City, MD
    BobHalfa ·
    Just got my first Alfa a month ago, 1991 Spider Veloce. I live in NC, about 20 minutes from Mountain City. Perhaps we could meet in Abingdon for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel some time this fall. When it's this warm out, my wife and I are usually on our motorcycle. Do you know many Alfa owners around here?......Bob
    npenley ·
    I Will be in Gatlinberg this weekend on my bike so I will not be able to do anything this weekend. My E-mail is [email protected] please e-mail me there if you would like to plan something later on. I would love to plan a trip through the mountains this fall when the leaves are close to peak.
    npenley ·
    Hello, I live in Bluff City, TN and work in Kingsport, TN. My wife and I have just started driving our 1976 Alfa Spider after a couple years in the garage due to tranny isues. I would love to go for a drive with some other owners and would like any info on local events. We like to go th the Elizabethton curise in about three or four times a year. Let me know if you can help us get involved with other Alfa folks.
    SamW ·
    Don't know too many Alfas here, the one I do know has his for sale, but we need to plan a BRP ride sometime this spring!
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