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  • husal ·
    Thank you for your post regarding 1991 veloce did you see this car? i live in NJ and seriously in the market for one it is so fa away for me to just to fly and have a look at it. are you nearby this car can you tenll me a little bit more thanks
    fast-alfa75 ·
    Fantastic pics! Thanks again for posting. I would love whatever files you have for my car (#4, Milano, black with the wing thingie on the back) and anything you have on the two 3.7 litre race cars we (Group 2) were testing. Did you maybe get a pic of the session with Jes driving the 3.7 (your first pic on the BB) and mine together? All the Milanos are Group 2 cars, and would love anything you have on them.

    Thanks for your time,
    Chris Benny
    Group 2 Motorsports
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