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  • alfaseeka ·
    Hello Richard

    Here is a link to a short video shot at a race meeting at Symmons Plains, Tasmania in 1967. There's some footage of your TI Super in the early part of the video, probably with Peter Cazarro driving.

    Also in the video (later stage) you'll see a Fiat 1500 being driven very quickly by Gene Cook, who also drove Cazarro's cars - it was he who tipped the TI Super over at another meeting at Symmons. Gene Cook now runs an engine-building service in Melbourne.

    I'm still cutting rusted metal out of my factory RHD Giulia Sprint prototype. I'm keen to save as much as possible of the original, and to understand how the car was built.

    Zagato_Olaf ·
    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your reply! How are you?
    I have some interesting info on your question.
    Your postbox for private messages is full, so I can't send you the inforight now.

    Ciao, Olaf
    nyide ·
    Hi Richard

    I was searching for Giuliano Facetti info on the internet and saw your post.

    I visited him a couple years ago in Italy, and yet he was still working on engines.

    Also, a friend of in Rome was selling an Alfa Sprint 2600 tuned by Facetti

    Furthermore, saw your info and found out you are from Rome/Tokyo, which corresponds me as half Italian half Japanese living in Japan and lived in Rome/Firenze

    Sorry this is all sudden but i couldnt help writing to you since you know Facetti. It is very hard to find somebody in Japan who knows about him

    If you around in Japan/Tokyo please let me know. I would like to meet you in person and talk more about Alfa and more!
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