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  • Milanoguy ·
    Hi Richard

    A while back you posted that you had four red mini spare if anybody needs them. Well I am in serious need of them. If they're still available PM me back and let's talk.

    Del ·
    Richard - is that you selling the right front outer door handle for a 164? Location is listed as Blaine.

    jckevin ·
    I may drive down to Portland this weekend. I'm talking to a guy down there tonight, via phone, who listed one yesterday. It's got me really jazzed and maybe I can make it mine by Saturday or Sunday. Might go ahead and look at the red one that initially caught my eye too. Two options in Portland. I'd take ya with me were you not in Blaine! (now don't go stealing my 164L in Portland out from underneath me)
    jckevin ·
    Richard, let me know about the 164 in Bellingham. I'm curious if he changed water pump and timing belt, and if most of the stuff works. Let me know!
    paulw ·
    Hi Richard. You've go a gas tank? and you are in Blaine? great. My cell in Seattle is 2067552263. I can come up likely some weekend in next few weeks, or when would be convenient for you sometime over the next couple weekends. Thanks
    fredy64l ·
    Hi Richard sorry to bother you , but I wonder if you still have the shocks inserts for 164 for sale and how much you want for them, let me know, thanks
    CoronadoAlfa ·
    HI Richard - Under car this am. Two front mounts are obvious - is the 3rd mount in the rear and attached to the trans? If so, how the <bleep> does this detach? Im inclined to pull the whole mess and then detach the trans...this despite the brake and other plumbing...
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