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  • Millenove ·

    My 102 tool kit missing its tommy bar. Do you have one on stock or could you help with the dimensions of the bar for reprodution.

    Regards Gerhard, Vienna Austria
    BWB ·
    A while ago I think you posted a scan of a French sales brochure for the Spider. It was a blue car. I had used it as a desktop on my laptop, unfortunately it got wiped and I thought I had it saved but could not locate it. I searched (as best I could) the BB to try to locate it, to no avail. If you do have it and could post the scan or send it to me I would appreciate it. I'll be back at work next week and need something to stare at as I while away the hours!!
    Bryan (my email is [email protected])
    PS looked through the parts boxes no liners I'm afraid.
    Redmerlin ·

    Thankyou for the offer . I already have new Arias pistons - I have added details on the main post. So yes I am interested in the 6 liners . How much do you you want for them or is there anything you are interested in as a trade . I have collected many parts over the last few years , including Sprint parts

    I look forward to hearing from you

    kind rgds

    schaapm ·

    I have 6 liners for you and the pistons as well, if you are looking for them also.
    I live in the Netherlands, so not that far away!

    Kind regards,

    Marcel Schaap
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