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  • sanesha ·
    RC i saw on a post from some time ago that youu used a mechanic in the st. Helens area and seemed to be satisfied with his work on your car. I finally brought my alfa home from mississippi (hooray) and would like to find someone local.... I live in goble. Things i have noticed when driving her... Exhaust ( or fuel) smell even with top down... needs odometer and gauges work.. seems to have about one quarter turn play on steering wheel before i feel her respond. She needs tires and wondered what would be the best... She is an 89 spider graduate.... Any suggestions greatly appreciated.... Thanks.... Sandi
    RC Hiatt ·
    Not sure what is up in my barn, but you are welcome to much of it. I know I have some heaters, 6-8 door panels, radiators, front seats, and might be a wiper motor I can't identify in all those boxes. You should stop by Scappose and pull what you want from this entanglement. Much of it was purchased, in a weak moment of stupidity, from that Oregon City guy with a Berlina. My cell is 971-506-9766
    agiyo ·
    Hey Richard, thanks for your response. I figured you'd come thru, and that some others might not.
    Might you have a Berlina windshield wiper motor that works? Gort's failed years ago and I've collected several, only to discover how similar-but-incompatible they are! I'm hoping to get the car on the road in the next few days
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