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  • doncorleone ·

    I'm interested in your minilite wheels. I didn't think they ever made those for Alfetta. Do you have the specs? You can text me at 2062504466.

    Thank you.
    aguirola ·
    Dear Rob,

    I would like to buy the wheel.

    Can you write for the finer details, at: alberto.guirola at

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Santacaferacer ·
    I saw that gtv6 airdam you posted years ago "scuderia del biscione". Any resources where I can buy a similar unit - looking for a source for fiberglass to ditch the bumpers too.

    marc in santa fe
    DSpieg ·
    Hi Rob,

    I need a sun visor clip, passenger side (JUST KIDDING!). How the heck are you? Have you totally removed yourself from Northern Virginia and are residing year-round in the land of rust and Yoopers? Whatcha driving these days?

    Dave Spiegelthal
    still in Centreville, VA
    [email protected]
    jalpa360 ·
    I am interested in the air wing for the top of the rear hatch...I have a Velocissima that the wing was damaged and now need a replacement...if you could send pictures of the wing and the mounting hardware with what you are asking, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Jim Airey
    vjim ·
    Hi ,
    i would like to know if Your black flat momo monza is still to sell ?
    If it's the case , i'm interested .
    Do you have a paypal account ?

    Flavia ·
    Need overhead Milano ele. front window switches and trunk carpet. If you have either or both, please quote. Can do paypal, personal check, bank check ... your call. Thnx.
    Phil Rainey
    2119 Shady Oak Dr.
    Mount Joy PA 17552
    [email protected]
    (717) 940-6062
    diverdan ·
    Hi Rob:
    I like your GTV6 and your handle, "racingswim," intrigues me as I am a former competitive swimmer and diver. I have a place in Antrim County where I hope to soon retire. Currently, I'm working in the middle east. Bought my first Alfa in 1965 and I've almost always had one or two in the stable. That was in East Lansing. From 1971-1985 I experienced automotive nirvana in southern Ca. and then from 1999-2011 again near Dubai. The Alfa stuff comes across on the bb, what about the swimming? Dan Smith
    Lee.Perna ·
    It was good to meet you today. Where do you live? If you are close to Alexandria, let's get together with our Alfas more regularly.
    Scott McLeod ·
    Hoping this works - it's difficult being so incompetent - please call me 719-661-5849 and I will go over maintenance.
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