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  • green 69 gtv ·
    haven't been here in a long time but you did it r-mm and it is a beauty! you my not remember me but you test drove
    my 69 1750 many years ago.
    markc ·

    I have a 1974 spider which I am converting to euro bumpers. I see you have done this and wired the lights on the euro bumper. Did you use some sort of flexable wire conduit for the wires going to the bumper from the body or are the wires "naked".


    Mark in AZ
    Bruce Sharer ·
    r-mm, I've been offline for a bit. I should have stated that some of the rods were bent in a manner that did not follow the curvature of the seat. Probably due to butt wear over time. One was sort of a S-curve.
    Bruce Sharer ·
    r-mm, I'm following your post as I dismantle my '72 GTV seats. I was wondering about the poles/rods that are used in the creases. Are they supposed to be reasonably straight? My front to rear ones have a pronounced downward bend in the middle. The rear one that runs across the back was bent on one end towards the front.. Thanks for our help on this venture. Your write-up and photos are a great help.
    r-mm ·
    I think he posts prices on his site but I paid just over $500 shipped. Won't get to drive the car for some time but from the look of them I think it was well worth it.
    Little Italian ·

    I was enjoying your rebuilt calipers. If you don't mind me asking, how much did he charge you to overhaul this set of calipers?

    lexington ky.
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