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  • alfettaparts2 ·
    Hi Pete. I don’t really know you but I do know we have both been hanging around the bb for a long time. Anyway just wanted to let you know a lot of us are thinking about you guys today. Take care.
    madchloe ·
    Hi Pete,

    Auto Restorations have done another two Monza's, both with a core set of our cast and forged parts, an eight cylinder car resides here in Auckland, but doesn't see the light of day too often and the other lives in Delaware...

    They are also doing 2 spiders one Zagato and a Touring...

    We have another 6 cyl car almost finished and just beginning another 8Cyl Monza and a Spider...

    They seem to be the flavour of the moment..


    madchloe ·
    Hi PSk,

    Colin here from Auckland, You may be mistaken about seeing Charleston's 6C Monza at Auto Restorations, they did rebuild the engine, but everything else was created in my workshop in Silverdale.

    Please feel free to call in if you are in Auckland at any time.

    All the best

    Colin Howard
    jjeffries ·
    Pete, saw a thread on a p-car forum that made me think of you....Restoration Threads...."Mongrel Street Racer" 20; rebuilding of 911 doors by fabulous uk based 911 guru Barry Carter. You probably dont need another forum to read, but...Best, John Jeffries
    pakka ·
    I saw an old thread for racing sud's and I'd like to ask you what kind of ventilated inner front disks and calipers us. I 've a set of 4 pot Brembo calipers from 75 and I was thinking to use it.
    OldAlfaGuy ·
    I would appreciate your thoughts on why Alfa homologation paper #5497 stipulates that the GTAm head has a 60 degree valve angle. I now accept that it is 45 degrees. Don't we want to know why the homologation papers are wrong?
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