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  • planetmojo2 ·
    Hi Jim,

    Hope things are going well for you too.

    I probably have one on my nearly complete bone car. But I don't know what it looks like or where it lives either. If you can find that out, I can check on my next raid down there for you. Any electronic part I may have will not necc be tested. So I could send it off conditionally... if it worked for you, we're good. If not, you could return it for a refund on the part price.

    Best to connect via e-mail--- [email protected]

    Thanks, Peter
    Cobralfa ·
    Hello Uncle Skeeter/Peter from SoCal,

    It's been a while since we corresponded, and I hope you are doing well.

    Might you, in your awesome parts collection, have a GTV6 headlight relay? I have no idea what it looks like, and assume it's somewhere in the tangled under dash mess.

    It is finally sort of autumn here at the beach, although it's supposed to be 80 F on Saturday, No climate change here at all.


    Jim Barrett

    Huntington Beach, CA
    planetmojo2 ·
    Hi Joe,

    I've heard nothing back from the original poster yet.

    At this point, I have 2 options. If you prefer the later Recaro-style seats I have two buckets in tan leather (actually closer to a medium brown). One is missing a head rest. The leather is pretty ratty, so would need re-skinned. And the slides on the bottom have crumbled to dust. Slides from other GTV6/Alfetta seats could replace those. Not in great shape overall, so the price would be consistent with condition. No rear sections to offer right now, tho.

    Also have a full set of the earlier 1981-'83 seats. Medium blue leather/vinyl. These are in better shape than the seats described above. Leather has become stiff with age. All 4 sections available.

    Here's my e-mail if you have any interest in either offering--- [email protected]

    Thanks, Peter
    Joe149 ·
    Hi- I see your post about GTV6 seats. I'm looking for a full set of seats for my GTV6 and am in Virginia. If the OP on the Wanted ad for them declines shipment to California, I'd be interested.
    Joe Elwell
    Fairfax, VA
    John Riehl ·
    I'm in california. I may have found a solution for the a-pillar but I also am looking for a rust free spare tire tub. Not sure if you have one of those.
    planetmojo2 ·
    Hi Bill,

    I did contact Miles on the phenolic spacer he needed. I had responded to his request on the BB too, but not sure he saw that. He had also contacted me not long ago, for some tiny detail bits for his steering rack. Wish he was looking for something more major than nickel and dime parts, to make it worth while. But, I did mail him off a phenolic spacer yesterday. Thanks for the referral.

    Sorry your wiring harness has become a rats nest. How's the rest of your project coming? You're gonna love the extra oomph of the 3.0 Verde motor.

    Good to hear from you. Let me know if I can help with any new bits that might pop up on your list, as you get in deeper.

    Hungary Bill ·
    Hey Peter, it's Bill :)

    Well man, I'm finally tackling that chassis wiring harness. What a mess. It turns out that the euro GTV6 is a bit different than the US spec ones. I'm having to go wire by wire... what a mess what a mess what a mess...

    I was actually writing to you to give you a "heads up". A member named "miles" may be hitting you up for a phenolic intake gasket. It's really just a spacer that goes on one of the intake runners, but I can't seem to find one in all my boxes of 2.5 goodies. (now that I've gone the way of the 3-liter darkside, I have all sorts of extra 2.5 goodies ;) ) I told him you were the guy to see about such things;)

    How ya been though man? it's been a while

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