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  • 750sprint ·

    Did I read a post a while back about a possible Giulietta owners get together at this years Concorso Italiano? If it is still going to take place, would you send me the particulars? If it is not going to happen, I will try to catch up with you at one of your cars. I decided at the last minute to bring my newly completed 55 Sprint down for the show, stop by if you can, probably going to be the only verde chiaro giulietta among a sea of rosso beauties.

    Vern Liesinger
    jpduhem ·
    Hello Patrick,

    I am trying to find your "engine exchange list" ... possible to send me the correct site address?

    giuliettaspyder ·
    Hello Patrick

    Please remove my entry on the engine exchange. I have obtained a suitable engine block here in SA

    My entry is dated 2/28/2014 looking for a 102*23836~31542 block

    Thanks for the listing

    ecdysiast ·
    Patrick, I now have a Giulietta TI. I know you don't have much if anything for this car but I probably do need a set of front door seals. The PO put a new set on, in Italy, and one of the doors really has to be slammed to be shut fully. The seals do look rather voluptuous. Do you have any idea where something that would allow the doors to close lmight be found?

    ecdysiast ·

    I've been trying to find my original '63 Spider which was registered as CA MXR 778. California doesn't keep old reg. records so I can't trace it through the state. And of course I can't find any serial number records. Any way to get at it through the register? I certainly hope it's still alive. . . .

    Jeffrey Frey
    giovanniianetta ·

    chassis AR 1451523
    1750 gtv
    right hand drive

    could you please tell me the date of manufacture and what chassis numbers 1750 gtv series 1 rhd started from - or please direct me to a link.

    most appreciated


    Signor750 ·

    Tried to add to your Sprint list, but it keeps saying "message is too short" (?):
    signor750 (U.S.): 1959 Giulietta Normale 750B transition (original color-Tornado blue). First sold on 10 April, 1959 to N.S.U. Werke, FRG

    Can you add it? Will post pictures when I get smarter.

    Charlie Drake
    ospreyx ·
    Patrick, It is possible to get a copy of one of your pictures? Specifically, on page three, the second from the last picture on #37 Permalink. The picture is from turn 4 during Sunday's Alfa parade at Luguna Seca. My red 1965 Guilia in foreground with me and my son in our red Alfa caps. It is a great picture and would mean a lot to me if I could get the highest quality picture?
    Dennis Gibbons
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