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  • darnellsgarage ·
    Hey Pat, I was reading a post and I noticed you’re in dexter. Me too. I hav3 a few old Alfa’s and some Porsches. We should have a beer and talk Alfa’s.

    AR 1900C SSZ ·
    If you are the son of Pat Braden, the Technical Editor for the AR newsletter, my AR 1900C SSZ used to belong to your Dad. I am writing at this point to confirm that I have the right Pat Braden. Please advise.
    Little Italian ·

    Thank you for your very reasonable reply to my post regarding the "Convention Banquet Formal Affair". I value your opinion.
    Zagato_Olaf ·
    Hello Cheryl,

    Did you receive my message? The first reply to your private e-mail address was bounced (delivery failure) and I can't reach you here because apparently your mailbox is full.

    Ciao! Olaf
    Grand Sport ·
    i have recently purchased the 1953 Ghia Abarth that you and Pat once owned. I was hooping I could talk to you about the car. Can you provide an email or phone number, alternativly you can contact me at 403.770.4206 [email protected] Thank you Grant Kinzel
    SpiderWebb ·
    Hi Cheryl,
    Sorry I did not get back to you on the attorney situation. A year ago, my life imploded. I got divorced, my son is upset with me, and it was his attorney I was trying to get for you. He is good, but I did not want to upset my son any more than he already was by mixing things. I hope you will accept my apology.
    Is your life back on track? I hope to see you again. I will be at the 'Best of France and Italy' car show November 7 with my Avorio 1981 Spider.
    God bless.
    riargs ·
    Hi Cheryl, I didn't understand your response to my message about Stu on the BB...Long Beach? Saturday? Huh?
    jerryderham ·
    In March '85 I traded a 5th Avenue at De Finizio for a new Veloce for my wife. We lived in Chenango Bridge, Binghamton, NY. Still have the car (106K), a new wife and an 95 164LS. Brought the car back once with a home-made passenger window. Remember?
    Jerry Derham
    Shawn Miller ·

    My email is [email protected] Our last daughter is a Senior in HS as well. Next year all 3 will be in collecge simulataneously, so the big alfa will most likely have to be sold. I looked for a decade befroe finding the right 2500, but the girls education is more important than my hobby...besides I have 4 more alfas so i will be OK.

    Thanks again

    Shawn miller
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