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  • Notch ·
    Hi Tom,

    Yes, I saw a Facebook post from them a few months back.

    The company is:

    1/60 Pickering St,
    Enoggera, Queensland,
    AUSTRALIA, 4051
    ph: (07) 3855 1644
    email: [email protected]

    Shoot them an email and let them know what youre looking for, they may be able to assist.


    Trich ·
    Hi there Notch. I saw a post of your not long ago regarding a company you had come across that was doing carbon dashes; Automotion I believe? I've done some Googling of them and thus far have come up blanks. I'm looking for a dash for my 65 GT and the one you showed looks spot on. Do you have any info and/or contact that you could share with me? Thanks in advance. Tom
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