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  • pininfarina ·
    Hi Jon
    I see your parting an S4
    I’m interested to buy the ecu and the rear plate light thing ,
    Also the the power mirror switch ,
    pininfarina ·
    Hi Jon
    I just bought the two vents ,
    It was deal I couldn’t pass,
    I’m also interested in spider speedo face plate or broken speedo,,
    I only need the black faceplate,
    From 1986 to 1994,
    I didn’t want to ask on eBay,
    I will pay u direction PayPal,

    pininfarina ·
    hi jon
    its doug from toronto,'i was wondering if you had a exterior mirror gasket for a 1986 graduate,
    i think its the same on both sides,
    its like like one year thing,'
    Tilt ·

    I will take clutch master cylinder and brake master cylinder + booster.

    Do you accept paypal?

    not2old4toys ·
    Trouble getting shipping label printed using the address you sent. Ended up going to post office. It is due to arrive Monday. Sorry for the confusion
    Cheers, Jon
    AgipF1 WOOM ·
    Hi Jon,
    I received e-mails from PayPal that the shipment was cancelled. I don't know why? Please inform me.
    Best regards,
    not2old4toys ·
    This is from a 86 Spider and utilizes a internal regulator. I believe your model uses an external regulator. It will work but you need to bypass your regulator. I would look for a direct exchange.
    Cheers, Jon
    james2000 ·
    Hi Jon,
    Does it make $45 all together? Send me your paypal account and I will send you the funds today. As I my priority is the shallow pan, would you be kind enough to send me the better one.
    Cheers, James
    not2old4toys ·
    None for sale. There was a set listed today on the bb. He was looking for values of several items so not sure if they were for sale. I think it was in the Spider Forum
    jveloce ·
    Jon, I was in touch with a man named Chris who was selling a exhaust manifold for a 74 spider,he said they were sold but to contact you
    and see if you have a manifold for a 74 jveloce
    ShillerBar ·
    Hey Jon,
    Just wanted to let you know that I finally got that motor started and it sounds great!
    Some day I might tell you the stupid thing I did that made it impossible to get started at first, presently it's just too embarrassing.
    Now it's on to the rest of the car. It's in pretty good shape but the next big job is going to be brakes. They are functioning okay right now but the rotors are worn beyond spec and the pads are on their last legs.
    Right now I have a problem with the starter. Sounds like the solenoid is working but the motor is not, so I can't get it started. A little frustrating but I guess that's what old cars are about.
    Once I get it working maybe I can drive up to Sisters and show it off. Thanks again for all your help!
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