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  • sidewaysalfa ·
    I'm up in Oly on a "working" family visit. Moved our Mom into a rest home in Sammammamamish, however you spell it??) and I am helping my bro clean up her old house.
    So not much time for social stuff. Bummer, since I never drive up here with the Alfa.
    Anyway. . . .
    jerry Quinlisk ·
    would you please tell me again how to "quote" only a portion of someone's post in a reply? and ya, I have figured out now how to get my iphone outta the box .....
    I can not find this on FAQ - DMF (dumb mother ****er) .... of course that's me I am speaking about ....
    Tracy and Joel ·
    Hi! I'm a newbie to AlfaBB and to Alfa's. My teens and I picked up a 74 Spider to fix up for my wife. We'd appreciate any tips or references, particular posts to read, local resources, etc. I also saw your posting where you said " Last time I checked there was a Spider all set up for the track that Bernie Mermis was selling in Wichita. AlfaCliff on the bb lives in Augusta and he might have some recommendations for you. I have some other contacts in the Wichita, OKC, Tulsa, KC, area that might be able to point you in a direction. Drop me a pm with your e-mail address and I'll be glad to share...." I don't know how to private mail, though, so, my address is [email protected] . Thanks!
    jerry Quinlisk ·
    From your post, I realize that I became comfortable .... and began to tell about the good stuff..... few make me comfortable .. thanks
    jerry Quinlisk ·
    Also, meant to mention, had my absolute heart broken last Thursday. Woke up saw the most stunning alfa romeo berlina for sale, ready to buy almost sight unseen, called and it was gone. It was perfect. Maybe another will come around some day. I was crushed for two days, almost couldn't even work. I am a little better now! Maybe I'll get some antlers and a jr.
    braino ·
    Thanks for the info. I don't suppose you have contact information for that person? I'd love to talk to them about the car. I have a bunch of questions. cheers, Brian
    jerry Quinlisk ·
    Since we are friends now, and I as your friend have offered to allow you use of my GTV if you come to tennessee, I suppose that must mean that I can use the JR Z when I come out west next summer!! (ha, ha, ha, ha ..........)
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