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  • azALFAowl ·
    Hi Murray, I'm doing a BB review of posts related to OVSs and saw a picture of your "drop dead gorgeous" motor. Well done!!! Noticed that "bianchi1" said you have some youtube videos? Can you reply with a link to one so we can voyeur on them when waiting for parts!!! Thanks Paul
    60sRacer ·
    Are you coming to Sonoma? I was so looking forward to meeting. But I had a bit of an accident last week - I was painting the second story ceiling of a friends house when the ladder I was on collapsed - I landed face down! Broke right arm, two ribs, left jaw and nose. I'll be in surgery to repair my jaw during the Alfa meet! Worst accident I've had in decades!!!

    I am so sorry for missing the chance to meet!

    justtls ·
    Still in the Process of getting my 91 spider ready for MD safety inspection. I was down to the last thing, the new Top, as I failed the last inspection because of a hazy rear window, go figure. Anyway I just put in a new clutch MC, SC, Pivot pin and flex line and everything had been working fine. Now I started having problems starting the car and when it does start its running very ruff, missing etc. It used to run ruff until it warmed up but now it does not smooth out even after its warm. The times it wont start I use starting fluid and it starts up quick and then run ruff, could this just be old gas from sitting? Almost seems like a vacum lissue but also it seems not to be getting enough gas at first hence the starting fluid fix. Im not new to his but I am short of time as I need to get this car on the road ASAP, any idea on where to begin from you pros out there or anybody with the same problem on where to began would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.
    bianchi1 ·
    hi.. i was wondering, i hae seen you posts on youtube, so i know you can put a video up on youtube, can you copy a video of youtube?, i really would like to have 2 copys of the alfa romeo 8c commercail, it shows the car driving on the west coast, near where i live, anyway you can help me on this? thanks
    ymanem ·
    Hi, I will make my spider s3 turbo,the lack of space I will change the cam variator from
    electronic to centrifugal.the second variator in your engine bay you midified the cams
    Spider778 ·
    Hi - just been looking at an old thread of yours and have a hard top question. I have an '87 Quad and was thinking of putting the hard top on for the winter (I bought it in June!) - there are 5 small screw holes on both sides along where the top of the windows are. I assume this is for some kind of drip strip as it looks like rain will just flow straight in otherwise. Is this right? And if so - do you anywhere / anyone that I can get some from?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated...
    Great car btw.
    Tifosi ·
    I've not forgotten ya laddie.
    Just been a bit under the influence of heavier dose scripts combined with wonky weather.
    Still trying to find a suitable box for that item we were discussing.
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