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  • MitchW ·
    Hi Todd, sorry for the long delay but I haven't been on the BB for awhile. I bought it from a doctor here in Denver and it barely ran but I put in the work to make it drivable. It had the Spica when I owned it but the fellow who bought it replaced it with carbs. I had the master cylinder resleeved. I no longer have the records for the car but I'm glad to hear its still kicking and sounds like its in better shape then when I had it.

    tarnow ·
    Hi Mitch-I tracked you down thru an old discussion on the BB re: your ex-Berlina which you sold to Doug Curtiss in the Bay Area. He sold it Manuel Minassian who sold it to me. Manuel did a nice job refurbishing the car (including some body work, paint, upholstery, center console, headliner and carpets). I've done some mechanical fixes (exhaust, carbs, brakes, suspension and trim replacement (used but untracked dash, new wood veneers on dash and center console, sun visors, door handles and locks, interior light switches, etc.). The reason for my email is simply to inquire about the car's history prior to your ownership. Do you recollect from whom and where you purchased the car? Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks, Todd
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