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  • Alfisto Steve ·
    No I do not have set of lifting brackets. I suspect you will have to make them and get the proper bolts to attach them to the heads.
    Bronco Joe ·
    that's very thoughtful of you, I updated my location, I don't have any service manuals on the 164 but honestly with two young kids and me in my mid-40s, I don't have near the free time as I did in my 20s and 30s when I had a different 164 and a gtv6

    either a link or an e-mail, whichever is easier for you, it's most appreciated
    goats ·
    Hey Milano thanks for the message -- That was for my 74 GTV not a 24V car-- but your car build sounds exciting! I don't think I need anything for my LS - but will noodle on that !
    bob Gauthier
    [email protected]
    cell / text 858 414 1877

    happy new year!
    paulsle ·
    HI Milanoguy,
    I checked the cardisc for the 105/115 Spider & GTV, and oddly the included tool manual seems to be from 1966, and covers the 2000/2600 models of that era.

    The tool manual I posted a clip from was published in 1977 and is titled "Special Tool Catalogue". Publication # is 2561 - 9/77 - 6.000 240 pages.

    I have another "Special Service Tools Catalogue" publication # 8702 from 10/88 that's 52 pages.

    Got both of these from an ex-ARI regional service manager my daughter stumbled across while refueling her 164 at his garage in N.H.

    Sorry I don't have duplicates to offer, but let me know if there are tools you need looked up and I'll try to help.

    Best regards,
    Paul Leone
    bill2000 ·
    Hi Milanoguy, I'm out of town right now, but I'll post the part numbers as soon as I can this weekend. They work great, just keep in mind that they're pretty pricey unless you get them discounted. OTOH they're stouter than the original Alfa ends.
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