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  • Curtis ·
    Midlife, Sorry I don't think anybody is dodging you. It's just not possible to answer. Valve length, spring installled height, retainer type and relation to stem, cam base circle all effect this. You might consider taking everything to the machine shop and paying them to assemble it.

    You win the shiny engine award. Cleanest engine I ever saw. Bet that was a lot of work.
    glaing ·
    Hi Mike,
    My mom had a very full life. She stayed active and even bowled two days before she passed away. (90)
    I was debating on whether to flat bed the alfa home. I decided to drive it home and made it without incident. I just replaced all the calipers and the MC. Doinf motor mounts and a front end bushing next week. Next is a leak down test to figure out why two cylinders have low compression. i'm guessing a head gasket. Where are you living these days?
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