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  • Zagato_Olaf ·
    Hello Mike,

    I replaced my headliner as well and used the fabric of a Opel Vectra which comes pretty close but has a richer feel and touch than the original fabric. I have send a more detailed message about the details of installation to Brian. Can't find that right now, sorry! The end result is very nice and looks almost identical to the original.
    The glue we used only sets when oxygen is present, the backing was thicker than the original. The windows were out when we installed the headliner. The person who installed the headliner has been an employee of Hollandia Schuifdaken, now part of Webasto. He had been doing sliding roofs for cars all his life and put in the headliner in two hours.

    Ciao, Olaf
    fvee60 ·
    Mike, I am looking into buying a Fiat Abarth Double Bubble and while doing research ran across an old posting of yours concerning one on the Alfa Forum. The car I'm interested in is basically a basket case and is located only a few hours from me (Lake Havasu, Az), but the dealer is in Conn. and is unable or unwilling to let me go look at it. You mentioned in your posting an issue with electrolisis and I was wondering if you might be able to elaborate on that as concerns this particular car. The body of this car appears to be fairly decent from the photos, but I know that pictures can hide a lot. Any input on the pros and cons of restoring onre of these would also be appreciated. I run a restoration shop back east (Vintage Sport Auto), but have never really gotten into working with aluminum much and don't have any previous experience with this model (although we have worked on a Multipla). Thanks again for your time with my post. Greg Davis
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