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  • Ashton ·
    Hi Stan,
    Please forgive the out of the blue nature of this note, particularly as I have only just joined this forum. I am a friend of Bruce Mansell, to whom you sold your Lotus Eleven. Bruce and Warwick decided to sell the car following a dreadful accident that removed Bruce's sight. I was lucky enough to be the first to offer to buy the car from them, and am in the process of building it with a view to historic racing it here in Australia. The reason for writing was twofold - one was to offer to keep you abreast of the build process, and the other was to ask if I could drop you an email occassionally as I have queries about the provenance of the car. Obviously I am in touch with Vic Thomas, but I would be interested to know what work you undertook while you had the car, and when you owned it.
    Many thanks for your help; my email is [email protected], and my phone number is +61 408 202 208 (I am in Sydney, Australia too).
    Best regards,

    Sandman ·
    Hey Stan,

    This is Sandro. That car played that trick on my a few times and the belt never skipped. I'd use the template from Alfisto Steve just to check but I'm sure it is fine. I usually always used the park brake on that car and worked on it on a flat surface for sure.

    When you have a chance can you bring my plates to Centerline. The rear plate has the 2013 sticker on it that is for my Milano.


    implant3 ·
    I think you replied to my email and havenot figuredout how to reply rigour posting .I did see your email in one of my forrays into the bb. At this point I have my been able to access your information. I have a 69 elan and a series 4 seven from back in the day. What is up with the eleven condition,drive train,etc.
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