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  • BostonBertone ·

    I'm a fellow Alfa enthusiast and saw the post of you blue color samples. Do you know the paint codes used or have any contact info for the painter. I'm looking to choose either cobalt or Blu Francia for my 68 GTV 1750. I'd like to have the painter prepare some samples of my own and so am helping him with some research.

    Thank you in advance, Erik (BostonBertone)
    Harris ·
    Hello: I believe I came across an old posting regarding your search for the perfect blue color. You posted a photo of three Alfa colors, side by side. I want to paint my car the Alfa Cobalt Blue but cannot seem to find the modern formula paint cross-reference. I got as far as PPG 13526, but that is even no longer in the paint companies system. Any help with the paint formula you used for that color would be immensely appreciated. Regards, Harris
    FunbeamChuck ·
    John,I have a Mazda Miata that appears to have the side marker lights you advertised to sell on this forum back in 04-29-2010, 07:50 AM. I need two and am wondering where you got them, or know where I can buy two. p
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