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  • Barn101 ·
    I haven't had time to do anything with it. I've been painting my house, trying to beat the cold weather coming soon. I've been working long hours at my day job, too.

    The Spider needs to have some fine tuning done paint-wise. I found a couple of runs in the clear down low and I will have to wet sand them and buff them out. I also have to hand paint with a small brush all of the spots missed inside the holes and areas missed by the paint gun. I trusted this paint guy and got burned a bit. How are your projects coming along? SS done yet?
    choetboi ·
    Phát triển nông thôn huy mua tam that bac ghiệp và Phát triển nông thôn h
    địa chỉ bán dâm dương hoắc đình, sau là để giúp đồng bào m
    am thất anh trồng đã c bán chuối hột tươi
    ng nghiệp và Phát triển nô mua bán củ đinh lăng h quyết tâm tìm hiểu kỹ
    Phát triển nông thôn huyện mua ban ba kich tuoi tích lũy của gia đình, cộ
    và đã xử lý được tr mua nấm ngọc cẩu khô h, các đơn vị đăn
    Brad750f ·
    Hi Kuni,
    Randy Pene lived very close to me before he moved to Northern California, and he mentioned you the last time he was down this way. I just noticed you are working on a 56 Spider. I have an early 57 I hope to drive before summers over. My car is missing one nob for the window winder. The one I have is chrome plated metal, rather than molded black plastic. I need to find just one more. You wouldn't have any extra would you?
    I'm also missing its aluminum formed threshold for the pasta her side door.
    Cheers, Brad
    330.gtc ·
    Copiglia clamps are available from Parker Hall, Kilimanjaro Designs, as well as many, MANY decals for older Ferrari, some of which also fit Alfa. He has a web site and his telephone in Vicksburg, MS is 601.636.3876.

    Il Vecchio ·
    Hi! We've had nine Alfa's over the past 50 years, spanning 1928 through 1979. I currently have a 1966 Giulia Super. I've be very interested in hearing what you have for sale for the 105 Giulia series through 1967. I have a similar Performance Options Catalog dated 1977, up for sale or trade. Do you have a Competition Reference Handbook pre-1976? Regards, Peter Becronis
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