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  • Kree8 ·
    Hey, thanks for contacting me. Sorry, I haven’t been on here in a while. I have everything I need for the rockers, floors, and fenders. What repair panels do you have? I definitely need to fix the trunk floor around the fuel filler neck, and the lip around the trunk opening that the seal fastens to.
    Dadou ·
    Dear Kengta,

    i 've readed your post about the sale of dashboards, and i have a technical question.
    I will buy soon a alfa berlina 2000. And i want to swap the dashboard with a giulia berlina. Do you know if it is possible? plug and play?

    thank you a lot in advance

    [email protected]
    anowoc ·
    Hello Ken,
    On 2/10/2012 you posted some results copied from one of the SCCA papers from July 5 1970. In the Riverside news the is a picture with Charlie Kulman leading the Sports Racer Group. The car behind him is Bill Overhouser in a GTA powered LeGrand Mk4. Could scan this picture for me and send it to my email at [email protected], this is a picture of the car I have never seen.
    Thank You
    Al Nowocinski
    Peter Boyd ·
    I am very interested in the 2000 GTV dash you have for sale.
    Does it have the mounting brackets affixed?
    Will it fit my '72 with no modifications?
    Do you have any more pics (close-ups) to send along?
    Before we discuss any prices, how much do you think it would cost to ship to (Bay Area) California?
    Thanks for your time...
    and please feel free to respond to:
    [email protected]
    jimc ·
    Kengta - do you have any of the little headlite attachment castings available? I am restoring a 1966 Sprint GT and I need two of these fittings. Please contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

    Jim Cross
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