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  • 280chevzy ·
    Hello, I aminterested in some of your sprint gt parts.
    I am interested in the ashtray assembly pictured, the horns and I am also looking for the air plenum support rod and the air box clamp to fender wall.
    apostoln ·
    hi johnny,

    i need a right side rear light housing. I thought they were made of plastic but mine looks all rusted. I guess thats the chrome plating over the plastic housing thats rusting? Do you have such a thing from a parts car maybe?
    UKar2000touring ·
    John re the engine could you let me know it’s number and if it runs or does it turn by hand. Does it come with Carbs and distributor? And of course any photo and the price? Do you mean post 5 and photo number 5? Do you have an under bonnet light holder with bulb? I did not see a brake and clutch fluid reservoir in the pictures do you have one? Please let me know the price of the hubs with the studs
    Ps I can travel to Holland and collect all parts!!
    Faber ·
    Hi John I've just seen the door handles, with keys: they seems in very good condition: how much for the couple?
    And I've also seen the rear mirror; may you send me a picture of the (front) mirror side to [email protected] ?

    Thank you again. Fab
    Barn101 ·
    It looks like you may have some Romablok clamps in your parts for sale ad. Are the the clamp-over type for a '61 101?
    alfa veloce ·
    some giulietta 101 parts
    I'm interested in clutch cover, hub caps, horn button and ring. Please let me know.
    Swedeshoebox ·
    Yes the small casted mount for headlight trim is correct, i am interested in them. how much do you want for them?
    i am also interested in some more parts! My car have an old collision damage to the left front corner, and the old repair is poor.
    what i need is left (inner fender), left fender, left piece under headlight and left front leg!
    i understand that the parts is rusted, but i need parts without collision damage.

    i can email a pic showing what i need.

    Thanks /Andreas.....
    ballough510 ·
    Ciao Johni
    I don't think my PM's are getting to you so I try this.....
    How much for the fuse box shipped to US postal code
    32114 Daytona Beach FL
    Ric Lovecchio
    Padsdad ·
    Hi John I am looking for a Montreal flywheel. If you have one can you let me know condition and price please? Thanks, Bruce.
    barrage54 ·
    Good day
    I was told by ironblock that i should email you in hopes of locating a part. I was wondering if you would know where i could acquire the lower front grille for the montreal. Also my car is a one owner car. My fathers before me and it came with carello fog lights. Would you have a place were i could source replacements. These lights fit into there own chrome housing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    gtrmrk ·
    Hi John,
    Are the front lenses and turn signal assemblies for an S2/S3? If so, I may be interested; can you contact me with pricing?
    richs ·
    Looking for:
    - the throttle linkages for Veloce
    -Bajo abd banjo bolt connections to both DCOE carbs
    - Shift linkages for spider
    - Trigauge, speedo and tack for veloce

    Thanks, Rich
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